A locale at which to consume large amounts of alchohol and set things on fire. Away from public scrutiny and police.
1. When are we gonna go back to the cabin and set our shoes on fire?
2. That guy tried to connect an XBOX to a microwave last time we were at the cabin.
by Cabin lover January 17, 2005
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A house where people or someone would stay.
by Musonda Bemba November 10, 2020
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The best place to spend time together as a family and to make good friends. Don’t ever take it away from your children because as they grow older, it will become their best place to hangout at. They will make so many new memories and experience different things there that the cabin will start to grow on them. To define cabin in one word, I would use happiness. It’s like a wooden paradise. Cherish the moments you have there, because those are the best moments.
I had the best time playing ghost in the graveyard with my friends at my cabin.
by Hopenxjxjdbd June 5, 2018
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To leave, finish, cease, go home, say no or to end something.

Or to reach the conclusion that the current activity is past its peak, and that a more comfortable retreat is in order.

Can be used as an verb, or as a stand alone statement.

Originated from the Christian Camp scene, where leaders were encouraging a particular activity, but it was decided to retreat to the Cabin instead.
Leader: Hey guys let's go for a bus walk
Luke: Nah Cabin

Mike: I think I'm going to cabin on this Coopers
Julian: I can't believe you cabinned on coopers.
Uly: But.. Rod?
Pap: Key
by Jock Coopers November 3, 2010
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When a person or a group of people excludes, disrespects, insults or humiliates someone associated with cabin 7 or who is Russian.
Counselor: Cabin 1 to 6 come aboard the first bus.

George: Are you serious... Not cabin 7, this is cabinism.
by Satchid345 July 9, 2018
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v. 1. the act of secluding oneself in a remote locale with a small group of close friends, stockpiling enough food, alcohol, ammunition, and firewood to last a minimum of two days, during which time copious amounts of beer/alcohol are consumed and shenanigans ensue away from the prying eyes of the public.

2. v. the suffering from above actions. (ex. I got so cabinned last weekend.)
We cabinned for three days, drinking a keg of beer, two liters of whiskey, and two bottles of vodka between the 5 of us. I don't remember anything after midnight each night. How did I get all these bruises on my arm and where are my pants? My ears are still ringing from all that gun fire yesterday. I can't believe you two almost fell into the fire like 12 times last night. And what the hell were you guys singing incessantly at 3 o'clock this morning? I don't think I can cabin again like this for a long time. But, damn, was it fun!
by Bonesaw, (a.k.a. Tree Killer) November 15, 2009
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Similar to camping but instead of sleeping in tents you stay in a cabin.
I hate the thought of sleeping on dirt lets just go cabining.
by GorgeousGirl July 11, 2008
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