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An big ball of energy that is used for an attack from the anime Dragon Ball Z. Its famous for showing that there was too many episodes in the freiza saga.
Goku:Im gonna hit you with the spirit bomb freiza!
Picollo:I'll hold frieza off!
100 episodes later...
Frieza:The fuck is that?
Picollo:The spirit bomb missed!
by BHM1250 February 7, 2010
Slang for mad or frustrated. Usually in a verbally offensive attitude.
Guy 1:Eat a dick!
Guy 2:I'm gonna beat that f***** idiot up!
Guy 3:Haha, they're heated.
by BHM1250 June 23, 2009
Robbers+Lame Rappers+Chinese Culture=Wu Tang Clan
Darell:Man, you gotta be a good rapper to be in wu tang clan!
Devin:Not really, my cuz joined it last week.
by BHM1250 November 26, 2009
Subspace is one of those "once-in-a-lifetime" gaming programs that decrease in popularity due to its lack of advertising.

Its also the most generic ship game ever.
Guy 1:Hey, ever heard of subspace?
Guy 2:Yeah, I played super smash bros brawl last week.
Guy 1:No, Continuum!
Guy 2:What?
by BHM1250 July 17, 2009
The only teenage naruto character that doesnt have a mental problem.
Naruto:I miss sasuke!
Tenten:Bitch! Stop crying and help me beat this guy!
Neji:Yo Tenten, those are some sexyass breasts!
by BHM1250 July 17, 2009
Yo you with your white speeders and your white features.
by BHM1250 August 9, 2009