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Shoving ones fist in ones anal cavity causing that person to make a face that resembles that of a largemounth Bass.
We were going at in one night after work and she was looking so vulnerable on all fours I decided to give her the largemouth bass!
by BG August 19, 2003

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"Beware Of The Eyebrows"- An expression of utter dissatisfaction with someone or something. "B.O.T.E."
What you do to her, man? She had a serious BOTE goin' on!!!
by BG March 20, 2004

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verb, noun, or adj. 1. The exact opposite of sexy. 2. Any living being that is usually referred to as a "fatass", "dork", or "ugly-ass dipshit".
Becky is looking pretty kexy today.
by BG June 07, 2004

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An alternative term for cocaine.
Dude, cut that yeayea up into two lines so you can have one for each nostril.
by BG March 07, 2003

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2- Derogitory phrase that used to be a term to describe someone with features resebling Mongolians. Considered severly disabled and a hopeless breed, less than an animal. Now known as People who have Down Syndrome.
You should never use the term Mongoloid for anything!
by BG August 02, 2004

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the wank is a shortened term for the Westbank, located on the western bank of New Orleans, Louisiana
Since i am from the wank, i am a wanksta.
by BG July 22, 2003

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