A being sent from the bowels of Hell to change the tides of the war between Heaven and Hell, but most likely deciding to just do his/her own thing, and kick some major @$$.
Al Simmons is the best known Hellspawn yet. BOOYA!
by BG April 6, 2004
Hellspawn are running the whitehouse.

So would a government shut down mean that the Secret Service would stop protecting little Donnie's hellspawn?
by SeattleIan August 24, 2017
natalie procter

she deserved to be sacrificed with the blood daggers of the unholy warps demons until she is drained from all her intrestrial powers of the mighty O-Demon himself
dumass cuban actually went out with hellspawn
by Monkeyshiner January 22, 2004
A 12 year old named Jake who brags about his pre-highschool relationships and thinks he's the god of gaming, and pwns all at everything.
Damn, hellspawn is so goddamn ignorant.
by CurbieEshEshBay December 31, 2004
1.) Me
2.) A creature from the depths of hell named me.
3.) A portal that spawns hell itself onto the earth.
HellSpawn just pwned you at worms.
by HellSpawn December 18, 2003
Something so deprived it belongs in a dumpster fire.
2020 has been a satan hellspawn dumpster fire of a year. Good riddance.
by zamicol December 22, 2020
Literally one of the unborn. A fetus straight out of the depths of Tartarus, which only goal is to wreck havoc on humanity by being what he is best: a fucking asshole. He is about 3 ft tall, and looks like roe jogan, if you see him, make sure to laugh at him and call him names (ex: j j, gay, gay, spaggot). If he becomes a nuisance, just evaporate him by calling him a bozo/clown/chicken alfredo.