River is an incredible human!!!

The best lil sibling u will ever have!!
They have a great taste in movies and music and are such a vibe to hang out with!!!
If u ever meet a River never let them go because they will stick with u for life!
River’s hair looks amazing in those braids
by Jakob B October 7, 2021
River is a guy with a big dick and an amazing personality. He is super sweet and loving and really good in bed.
"Hey is that River?"
by riverspussy January 12, 2019
Love of my life is named river they make me really happy and I love them with all my heart I want them to marry me one day she deserves everything they have helped me through a lot I'm so happy I have someone like them 🥺🌸💗💞💕
River is so pretty
by Kitty God January 11, 2021
River is a great person and ussaully a great friend and overall likes nature
by Santa Claus6393639948 May 17, 2019
River is strong and independent. She is a cutie, but always stands her ground.
If you mess with this intelligent women, she will send you off into oblivion. She is very creative and can figure out problems as she gets them. River doesnt always show her true self to those who dont know her very well, she will avoid you if she is uncomfortable. If you notice that River is with you, standing by your side and has been for a while, she will be there for life.
She is such a River, always changing yet still the same.
by That girl named River September 13, 2020
A boy who is crazy and wild, yet can be sweet and calm at the same time. He is stubborn, but a total hottie. He has the best eyes and the perfect smile but he will never show it. He love the outdoors and just being free.
Shelly: "That boy is so cute but very stubborn, he reminds me of a River
by Sexywordsup October 8, 2010
River is a very kind and sweet human. She loves to write, exercise, and learn Japanese. She has an obsession with MCR and anything to do with outer space. She hates her body but encourages others to love theirs. She loves cats and aliens and music. She can’t eat spicy food. She loves boba tea. She loves life and wants to exist happily. She has a stuffed dog she loves

River is sad but still gorgeous

River is me.
River is just writing this to improve her self esteem
by InsertPseudonymHereLol May 17, 2019