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A boy who is crazy and wild, yet can be sweet and calm at the same time. He is stubborn, but a total hottie. He has the best eyes and the perfect smile but he will never show it. He love the outdoors and just being free.
Shelly: "That boy is so cute but very stubborn, he reminds me of a River
by Sexywordsup October 07, 2010
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An Irish boy's name. He is a very hot, handsome, and sexy boy. All girls love him, and he is very friendly to everybody. Also some people may not like him, but those people he does not like back.
Girl#1: Man that Rivers's so hot.
Girl#2: I totally agree.
by cutiegrl4437 April 28, 2009
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An extremely sexy american boy. All girls love him and all guys want to be him. He is always the most popular person in the crowd.
by thebeast000 July 08, 2011
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River is a cool guy but is also usually a heartbreaker. He’s usually shy but definitely not on Snapchat! They are funny but also very confusing. VERY HOT!!!! Nice guy but sometimes changes the way he acts around certain people... they usually have a really really big heart:) just don’t let em play you.
Did you see the guy? He’s so hot! He’s such a River!
by Sksksskdefinition August 18, 2019
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Apathetic towards others. Rather be alone thinking than with a bunch of other people. People think that something's wrong but there really isn't. Quiet and soft spoken.
Jill: Hey, what's wrong with Michael? Is he having a bad day?

John: Naw, he's just being River. It's a natural thing..
by Poon Daddiiiiiiii July 26, 2009
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The act of sweeping a girl off her feet only to drop her and move on to the next girl.
"dang you see that boy over there?"
"he just rivered me" *cries*
by glorious_notorious October 07, 2009
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