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1. Someone who lights up your night, in a way that your evening is like a completely different life. Wether good or bad.
2. What most Green Day fans call it, if they even mention it, the worst Green Day song ever (I beg to dream and differ personally). It hails from the album ¡DOS! so don’t expect much. But tbh it has a kickass guitar part, it’s just that it’s the embodiment of why no one else should sing in a Green Day song other than Billie, Mike, or Tre
“She is my nightlife”-some guy idk

“We don’t talk about Nightlife”-Average Green Day fan
by AxKunIsHitchinARide November 16, 2022
It’s like WTF, but it’s just true horrifying terror.
Listen man I don’t make the rules here.
It’s stands for:
“WITELFF is that?!?” - me as I log on to Twitter.com
by AxKunIsHitchinARide November 18, 2022
When an object sounds like a snare drum, it’s very very snarey

No it’s not a made up adjective for percussionist, we use this term very often as many of our drums are very out of tune
“The wind chimes sound very snarey” - something the section leader would poorly say tsk tsk tsk
by AxKunIsHitchinARide November 17, 2022
1. A heart (in a sense) that seems to wander between feelings of love in people, places, and hobbies. It can’t seem to decide, it’s not one with the heart
2. Considered the best song on Green Day’s album ¡DOS! Despite it coming from a relatively hated album of the punk rock community, it is one of Green Day’s best songs from the Triology and maybe in general. The bass line S L A P S
“He always seems to have a bit of a stray heart” - someone, let’s say a man in a banana costume

Everything that I want, I want from you
But I just can’t have you
Everything that I need, I need from you
But I just can’t have you
by AxKunIsHitchinARide November 16, 2022
A replacement for fuck, but then again it has the word in it so why bother.

To show that you are absolutely done with with people’s bullshit in a fun loving way that makes you feel warm with a :) in your heart
“Fuckachewy” - guy with a hat

“You are suck a Fuckachewy, bro” - what my cat said to me
by AxKunIsHitchinARide November 17, 2022