1. Someone who lights up your night, in a way that your evening is like a completely different life. Wether good or bad.
2. What most Green Day fans call it, if they even mention it, the worst Green Day song ever (I beg to dream and differ personally). It hails from the album ¡DOS! so don’t expect much. But tbh it has a kickass guitar part, it’s just that it’s the embodiment of why no one else should sing in a Green Day song other than Billie, Mike, or Tre
“She is my nightlife”-some guy idk

“We don’t talk about Nightlife”-Average Green Day fan
by AxKunIsHitchinARide November 16, 2022
A state of permanent urge to go out and participate in nightlife events due to the worry of missing out something that others might experience. Affected people keep doing this over several weeks or months. The tragic thing is that these people wont find enough satisfaction for there might always be a greater event taking place somewhere else next weekend.
A: Oh boy, do you really wanna go party again? Last night already blew my mind off.

B: Come on! Youll never know whats gonna be out there waiting for us!

A: Dude you got a serious nightlife crisis. You should reconsider your lifestyle and get some satisfaction elsewhere but party
by brain fart February 8, 2013
Group on Bungie.net loosely based on the The Flood Off-Topic Forum. Includes awesome people such as DUMBO, Parthath, Necavi, Pancake, and 0cie(who is 0cem). People who fail are ejected or banned. Features a wide range of stores/services, such as a bar, sex shoppe, ice cream shoppe, weaponry world, and auto dealership. One of the last strongholds of win on Bungie.net Abbreviated as NL
Jaculum: Do not worry. The phoenix that is the Flood Nightlife shall rise from the ashes of its members' fail and be born again, epic and winful.
0cie: Kiddo, that was a whole heap of awesome you just made there
by Jaculum October 23, 2008
Find us on facebook - Woking Nightlife

Woking Nightlife

Check out what's going on in Woking

Woking has a fantastic nightlife and has loads of colourful people to meet and places to go

Woking is more then just another town somewhere in the U.K woking is a special and unique town

Hall of fame woking

-H.G. Wells
-Eric Clapton
-Jam members Paul Weller, Rick Buckler and Bruce Foxton
-Peter Davison
-Ken Wood
-Lady Margaret Beaufort
-Dame Ethel Smyth
-Adelina de Lara
-George Bernard Shaw
-The Spice Girls
-Peter Gabriel
-Status Quo's Rick Parfitt
-World War II heroines Lilian Rolfe and Sonya Butt
-Cricketing twins, Sir Alec and Eric Bedser
-John Paul Getty
-King Henry VIII
-Queen Elizabeth I
-Lady Emma Hamilton
-John Donne
-Harry Hill
-Derek Griffiths
-Hilary Mantel
-Ron Dennis
-Molly Brett
-André De Toth
-James Cracknell
-Kieran West
-Sam Lowe
-Brian Hooper
-Delia Smith
-Albert Jack
-Kazuo Ishiguro
-Graham Stuart Thomas
-DJ Darren Price
-Arthur James Balfour
-Sir Samuel Morton Peto
-Comedian Sean Lock
-Tessa Wyatt
-Gary Daniels
-Matt Willis
-Terry Hand
-Leslie 'Les' Reed O.B.E

The population of Woking in mid-2009 was 92,400.

•48.8% males
•51.2% female
•19.2% aged 14 or under
•66.1% aged between 15 and 64
14.7% aged 65 or over

Whether you like convenient shopping, great entertainment, Amazing nights out , historic villages or interesting days out, Woking fits the bill
girl 1 Lets have some fun

girl 2 Lets go clubbing

girl 1 Lets go woking town

girl 2 Yes I love it

girl 1 I have the best nights out in woking

girl 2 Yes woking nightlife is amazing
by Woking Nightlife August 25, 2011
Tons of bars to go to. Every night there are special deals in each bar/club. The places are packed with hot ass girls that are so easy you don't even have to say a word for them to want you. Gyros and Burger Burger are the best places to close your night with a gold medal, and have some greasy food. Simply one of the best cities to party at in whole Canada.
London Ontario Nightlife is the best
by LondonnNight February 1, 2016
nightlife is the life where you mostly enjoy your time by yourself without any worries, away from the croud, from your life problems and mostly away for depression and it makes you special

nightlife isnt something you can buy or you can get it's a reward you can claim by yourself
you look into the mirror and you ask yourself "am i living nightlife?"
"I've been living nightlife" Kvyso - nightlife
by wassimkvyso September 10, 2022