There are a few different types of fans as people have mentioned before.

The older fans: These are the fans who have listened to Green Day since their fist release. They like 39/Smooth and Kerplunk

Pre-American Idiot fans: Fans who love Green Day songs, before their album American Idiot. Dookie, Insomniac, Nimord, Warning

Radio Fans: These are the fans who only hear the "most popular" songs on the radio. These are "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" "Wake Me Up When September Ends"

All-Around Fan: These are the fans who might not have been around for Green Day back in early 90's. They like all of Green Day's work. They have some older stuff and newer stuff.
Tom: No One Knows and Dominated Love Slave off Kerplunk are the best

Alex: No, She and Brat are the best.

Mike: wat r u tlkin bout? green days best song is blvd brokn dreams, fo shizz. or 21guns, deff. (Radio)

Julia: *sigh* All of Green Days songs are the shit. My favorites are Paper Lanterns, 2000 Light Years Away, F.O.D, BrainStew/Jaded, Redundant, Waiting, Whatsername and 21 Guns. We all Green Day fans nontheless
1) (old green day fan) A fan that has been around since 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours and Kerplunk! Since the very early 90s That now reject greenday and think its un-cool to like them now beacuse they think they are "emo" and too "mainstream" (they are the people who rant on green day music videos on youtube)
2) (new fans) They might be confused with American Idiot fans. They are actually fans that are ultimately anywhere from 13-17. That have heard the old albums and know a couple songs from each album.
3) (American Idiot fans) Fans that only know green day for American idiot and 21st century breakdown. And only know the hot singles like 21 guns, Holiday, Wake Me Up When September Ends, etc. And usually are the idiots that state, "im the biggest fan" when they aren't OH, and they only like greenday for billie joe stating, hes"hawt"
4) (real fans) The fans that might have been around since dookie or just might have heard of green day whem american idiot came around. whatever era, they are the OBSESSED fans. They know EVERY song on EVERY album and will always be fans. they dont care what other people say abou the band they will always like the band.
old fan- im a bigger fan than you i saw green day at 924 gilman!
new fan- green day is the bestest band! after hearing a old song i loved them!
AI fan- Billie is so hawt! I just love 21 guns! I da biggest Green Day fan ever!
real fan- I wish i could have seen green day at gilman.
by dude-im-cool-43 June 22, 2010
A fanatic of the punk rock band Green Day;
There are four types:

Old Fan: Liked Green Day since 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours; since the early 90s.

New Fans: Liked Green Day since they heard Nimrod or Warning:

American Idiot Fans: The fans who tend to 'type lyekk diz'; only know of Green Day as 'that hawwt billy jo'. Like Green Day after the release of American Idiot and cannot name a song on Dookie. Also known as poseur.

Real Fans: The fans who might have been around in the Dookie era, or maybe just heard of Green Day with the release of American Idiot; these type of fans are the fans that, whichever era they started liking Green Day, are obsessed. These are the fans that know every single song on every single album and all the lyrics.

Real Green Day fans are those who stick around, even though Green Day is now mainstream; the ones who respect Green Day and are proud of their fame.
Old Green Day Fan: "I saw Green Day play at Gilman 16 years ago. They were awesome."
New Green Day Fan: "After hearing Dookie, I love Green Day!"
American Idiot Green Day Fan: "Oh em gee. Billy jo is uber sekzi."
Real Green Day Fan: "I wish I was around when Green Day played at Gilman.."
by GD.Anonymous April 23, 2006
A person who appreciates Green Day for producing music that they have liked and rocked out to for a number of years now.

Though, recently and becoming more common is the older Green Day 'fan', who is ditching their loyalty to the band, as they feel that liking them is 'un-cool' now that they have been more in the public eye.

Since American Idiot was released, the kids that have grown to like Green Day through the newest album, apparently make Green Day a bad band to support.

This is a very simplistic view to take, and it just highlights that the average older Green Day fan who takes this approach is really a dumbass deep down.
True Green Day Fan: "I will remain loyal to Green Day until the day I die."

Dumbass Green Day Fan: "Green Day blow now that they are famous. I only support bands that no one has ever heard of, and when those bands become famous i shall ditch them too. I suck."
by Ezekiel Mills December 8, 2005
there are a few types of GD fans. "newbe fans" or the "american idiot fans" are people who became fans of green day around american idiot being released. also known as "teeny-boppers"

"gilman fans"-green day doesn't have that many gilman fans anymore b/c most of them abandoned them shortly after the release of Dookie. also known as "sell out fans"

"obsessed fan"-someone who is obsessed with the members of green day instead of their music. much like the newbee fans. or teeny-boppers.

"true fan"-someone who has been listening to GD religously ever since they first heard GD. no matter when they first heard them, american idiot or 39 smooth. they will never abandon green day. these are the people who end up getting some sort of tattoo having to do with GD or its members.
"newbe fans/american idiot green day fans"- "OH MA FREAKING GOD!!! BILLY JO=THA SEX!"

"gilman fans/sellout fans"-"i hate green day! they used to be good! but now they're successful. damn that mainstream music!"

"obsessed fan/teenyboppers"-"did you know that Tre' Cool was born in Germany?! well i did!"

"true fan"-"green day is my inspiration. the way billie plays his guitar with so much just so, amazing. and tre, well he's the best drummer. and mike, he holds everything together."
by katie lynn sue June 8, 2006
1) An older fan. Have been a fan since pre-American Idiot. Can either be very annoyed with the new "fans" or be as annoying as them by talking aobut how annoyed they are, or not. Tends to have to have 3 or more albums. Also knows lyrics various albums

2) A teeny fan. Says they are great fans, maybe the "biggest" fan..They aren't. They tend to only have the American Idiot album or just know the lyric to "American Idiot", "Boulavard of Broken Dreams", "Holiday", or "Wake Me Up Whne September Ends". These aren't fans they only like Green Day because they are popular.

3) A fan since American Idiot. These people actually turn into fans not teenies. Tend to have more than 2 albums. Tends to know a lot of lyrics from various albums.
A not real but depictecd conversation between the green day fan's

1) F.O.D. and Uptight are my favourite Green Day songs

3) Ya, those are pretty good but I particularly like Ha Ha You're Dead and She

2) Those songs aren't Green Day, they aren't popular..Green Day is popular and Billie Joe is hot..A hot guy wouldn't write and sing songs about those dead people..

1 and 3) Mike wrote Ha Ha You're Dead..

2) Who? The guy with the other, longer guitar?

1 and 3) The bassist..

2) Whatever, he sucks, Billie is the best.
by cyklone June 6, 2006
There are three types of Green Day fans out there.
1) Older fan: Someone who has been listening to Green Day since the early 90s. GD may not be their favourite band, but it certainly is one of their favourites. Usually doesn't care too much about what you think about them. However, they laugh at the New/American Idiot Fans.
2) Quazi-New fans: These individuals have been listening to Green Day since about when Warning was released. They tend to do a great deal of research on the band to communicate with the Older Fans. Tend to hate the New/American Idiot Fans.
3) New/American Idiot Fans: As the name implies, these are the "fans" who started liking Green Day once American Idiot was released. Their age usually ranges from 11-14, they're most likely mall punk, and they research Green Day to the point of insanity because "OMG Billy Joe iz so HOT!!!11! OMG OMG OMG I WOULD SO FUCK HIM!!" They usually make "sex/story" quizes about the band, claim they know everything about the band based on what they read on, and are insanely obnoxious. See poseur.
I need to use Green Day Fan in the example, so...
1) Yeah, I saw Green Day about 9 years ago and it was intense.
2) I liked Green Day to begin with, but after listening to Kerplunk I love them!
by Matt September 9, 2005