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a visual word to describe that moment when you wish to pull your hair out and scream loudly and imagine a screen shot of you that spins away above your head leaving you standing alone shouting AAAAAAAHHHHHHH in your current surrounding, anyone else around you is oblivious to you. (various spellings open to poetic licence) Open to similar visualisations, to convey frustration, and a sence of despair and loneliness, when things go wrong inspite of best laid plans. Or A sudden realisation of hoplessnes. It is a worse feeling than needing to use a expletive such as Sh+t, which is for somthing short sharp and painfull....
For eaxample you have the last screw to the flat pack you have spent hours putting together, and realise it does not fit where it is meant to, and where it is meant to go means unscrewing the whole lot and swapping it with the correct screw. As you realise the long screw you used first can not work in replacement for the short screw your left with..........AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.
by Rosie5 April 17, 2011
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