16 definitions by Ashley Sykes

The dislike of music.

NB: not the fear of music, in the same way homophobia is not the fear of homosexuals, but the dislike.

Compare musicphile
Do you like this song?
Nein: I have musicophobia.
by Ashley Sykes May 17, 2008
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Like the titernet, but:

The internet as seen by a (gay) guy with some time alone.

Saturday night I have by myself, so I generally porn about on the cockernet.

by Ashley Sykes March 18, 2008
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The highest level of care, apparently, provided by Ultralase.

Its "what Ultralase believe in, what they do and how they do it. It means they are with you every step of the way".

"They are committed to treating you as a person and giving you the highest level of care, right from the very start. They are confident that their levels of care are unequalled"
Wow, that care was more than just care; it was Ultracare!

Ultracare is amazing...
by Ashley Sykes March 15, 2008
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Like rubbish, but much, much better (in a bad sense... ie much, much worse).
That website is roobish!

Awww, thats roobish!
by Ashley Sykes May 13, 2008
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Being very cold... from the words cold and cool: coold.
Man, I am coold right now!

It is coold in here!
by Ashley Sykes May 26, 2008
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Another combination of a word and the suffix '-age'.

Simply: meh + age = mehage.

Awww, thats mehage :(

How you feeling?
Aww, mehage.
by Ashley Sykes May 21, 2008
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The act of being served. It comes from the word served and the suffix age, which is "A suffix for any random word."

Haha, servage!

Did you see the servage?!
by Ashley Sykes May 13, 2008
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