276 definition by Ashley

guy who likes a girl but girl is only interested in being friends
she told you about someone else she slammed? you got shikked
by Ashley August 16, 2004

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This word has many meanings. It can be used in the context of frustration, happiness, sadness, even excitement. Depending on other words its paired with or the way the word is said, depends on the interpretation of the word. This is similar to the word fuck, which is very versitile as well.
MIAH!!!! That woman is annoying me, why is she staring at me?!
by Ashley January 08, 2004

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Kind of like having bedhead but fuckhead occurs after having mad sex.
"I can't answer the door, I have fuckhead!"
by Ashley April 26, 2005

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For sure mother fucker!
Isnt the world a better place since ASHLEY made up the phrase fo-sho-mo-fo? Yeah she's so damn hot... DONT YOU WISH YOU KNEW HER? Oh yes. The answer is "FO-SHO-MO-FO!"
by Ashley April 14, 2005

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a greek godess...just kidding.. actually, the opposite. kleopatra stands for dirty sewer rat and can only be found in georgetown with little miss bitch...just kidding...actually im not.
-hi little miss bitch. My name is kleopatra can I live with you?
-Sure. but ony if ur a sewer rat.
-Why yes I am
-We can be sewer rats together
by ashley September 21, 2004

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the girl who sits next to me in chorus, that isnt vanessa
vanesssa wabbatinoz loves ........
The girl who reminds me a lot of another vanessa.
by Ashley January 24, 2004

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When a guy has an erection, he places his two balls on the girl's eyelids, which makes her have his dick as a unicorn on her forehead.
by ashley June 16, 2003

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