1. Spending time without purpose.

2. Getting involved with, interfering, manipulating or attempting to control another's emotional state of mind. Usually has a negative connotation.

3. One who is unqualified attempting to use, inspect, adjust, assemble, disassemble or generally fool or mess around with something or someone.
"What have you been up to?"
"Just jacking around."

"He has a reputation for jacking around with girls’ minds."

"I feel like you've just been jacking around with me."

"Don't be jacking around with your Dad's computer, or he'll have your ass when he gets home."

"My husband was jacking around with the plumbing to fix that dripping faucet, and now we can't flush the toilets if someone is doing laundry."

by drivers February 3, 2006
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when someone deliberately delays or postpones you, like telling you a bullshit story to buy more time.
I'm tired of getting jacked around by that asshole, I'll take my business somewhere else!
by Marcuserectus February 21, 2014
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To mess or fool with. Also used in context of keeping company with.
"To jack around with electrical wires is risky."

"I prefer to not jack around with all that drama - it's just asking for trouble."
by drivers January 27, 2006
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To manipulate figures in an effort to provide clarity, but more often than not, it results in confusion.
"You could just pull the numbers, dump them in Excel and then jack around with 'em until you get the output you want."
by Fye Nance September 18, 2008
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it means you don't literally jack off all day but you might as well
because there's nothing better to do
I only have one class tomorrow, so I'm probably just going to jack around all day.
by Jerrrrrrrr September 17, 2009
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Messing around, especially when it comes to a job or important activity. Could also be a reference to beating a dead horse when it comes to getting a machine or important piece of equipment to work.
Steve said that Dave was jimmy jacking around so he got yelled at. Because Dave's a lazy fat nerd and nobody likes him.

Look I'm not going to jimmy jack around with that head gasket, just get an expensive mechanic to do it!
by crudmonkey December 3, 2020
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