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Comes from the common term for butthurt, but with female use of the word. Or either way. Means someone gets hurt and feels disappointed or pissy super easily over something, can also mean a girl is PMSing and they are very sensitive at the time.
ex. ''okay we get it, your twathurt, so stop talking shit to make yourself feel better, bitch''
by destinyxdgaf September 15, 2010
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Twathurt: A term referring to women, feminized males (not necessarily homosexual), or directed towards any individual that one may feel fits the description of previously said labels as a derogatory me. Twathurt, describes when women and feminized males are offended, excessively complain, whimper, and in some cases conduct themselves out of spite.
Example: Why are you so twathurt? I told my neighbor this morning that she needs to either start keeping her dog out of my yard, or I’m going to get animal control to take him to the shelter, she bolted back into her house slamming the door all twathurt.
by Arty1976 December 02, 2015
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