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Non-Player Character. In general, any character (human or otherwise) in a role-playing game that is not controlled by someone playing the game.

In a tabletop RPG, the game master or equivalent (the person running the game) will generally act/speak the parts of all NPCs. These NPCs can range anywhere from an innkeeper the players talk to in order to rent a room to the mysterious woman who follows your party along for her own unknown reasons only to backstab you right when you were starting to trust her. It's up to the GM.

In LARP, the people running the game will again play the NPC parts, and may enlist others to be NPCs. In an ongoing game, LARP NPCs tend to be the characters who are either too temporary or too important to be done by a given player.

In single-player video game RPGs, NPCs are anyone who isn't your party. They generally aren't referred to as such in this context because "the guy next to the weapon shop" works just as well. These NPCs have a set dialog, and most will repeat the same thing they say every time you try to talk to them. Several webcomics have poked fun at this.

And in a MMORPG, the NPCs are the characters controlled by the server. They often have some kind of distinguishing feature, such as listing their trade in their status window or their name being displayed in a different color of text. As with single-player RPGs, these NPCs will tend to have set patterns of behavior and often must be interacted with to achieve some objective or another.
I need someone who's not playing a regular character to be a NPC today.

Talk to the NPC by the gates to start the item collecting quest.
by Artscrafter June 18, 2005
1. The person in a group who gets assigned undesirable tasks, gets no respect, etc.

2. Slang for the effeminate one in a homosexual relationship.

3. A variant on seven-card stud poker in which the player who is dealt the queen of spades (the Bitch) face-down (if there is one) splits the pot with the winner. If the Bitch is dealt face up, the entire hand is scrapped and redealt from the beginning, keeping the pot as it was when the Bitch appeared.
1. I feel so sorry for him, he's totally the bitch around them.

2. "Wha- I'm the bitch?!"
"Hey, if we were gay, that's how I'd see it."

3. Who's up for another round of The Bitch?
by Artscrafter June 18, 2005
Given a unanimous score of 2 (presumably out of 10) for one's cannonball into a lion's mouth.
The Ugly One: "I want presents! I WANT PRESENTS!!" *Cannonball!*
Lion: Chomp!
Judges: Two'd!
by Artscrafter August 7, 2004
A form of English characterized by bad translation from Japanese by someone who is decent at translating vocabulary but has a poor grasp of English grammar. Tends to be a word-by-word literal translation with humorous results for native English speakers. Engrish is most common in old video games and anime subtitles.

The term "Engrish" comes from the fact that the Japanese language does not have distinct L and R sounds. They do have a consonant that is roughly somewhere in between these two sounds, but whether this translates to L or R in English depends on the situation (and therefore can be interpreted wrong.)
All your base are belong to us. (Your bases are all under our control.)

A winner is you. (You win.)

Somebody set up us the bomb. (Someone has placed a bomb on our ship!)*

Make your time. (I have no idea what this means.)

*PS: The original form of this is "set up us," not "set us up" as most people say it. If you're going to make fun of the bad translation, try to get all the mistakes.
by Artscrafter September 15, 2004
A subject of controversy between "old-school" and more recent FF fans. Those who started with FF7 almost invariably say that it is the best one in the series, while those who have played the earlier games mostly think that while FMV scenes and improved graphics are nice, they don't make the game. This latter group tends to consider FF7 to be, while good, highly overrated.
Final Fantasy 7 was a good game. I personally like FF6 better though.
by Artscrafter August 4, 2004
To go to a place that offers goods, services or facilities that allow you to do something you need to do before or during a trip or errand.
Hmm, I'm out of cash. Excuse me, I need to go hit up the ATM.

It's a good idea to hit up the bathroom before you start a road trip. And you may need to hit up a gas station on your way out.
by Artscrafter December 9, 2005
1. The gentle scratching, or rubbing with the fingertips, of one's head, back, or similar hard-to-reach area by another person. Scritchies are assumed to be on the head unless otherwise specified.
2. To give scritchies: To scratch someone else in this manner.
3. A scritchie: A specific instance of someone giving somone else scritchies. The singular is rarely used.
1. Scritchies are fun.
2. He tried giving her scritchies to cheer her up.
3. This is turning out to be a very long scritchie.
by Artscrafter April 7, 2005