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a legendary car made by Ford
infamous for poor cornering, interior build quality, and wet road handling
famous for performance/dollar ratio, good looks, and exhaust sound
that is an unbiased defintion
that 302 got a mean exhaust note
by arthur September 01, 2004

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To belong to a doctrine or group that suggests it is okay to use force to tactically aquired every resource on the planet either through a client state system or direct rule. Fringe groups (normally Christians) and secrective inner circles also believe that it is Americas divine right to do this.

Tend to explain their actions by praying on the fears and ignorance of a large portion of the masses.

Neo-con think tanks are known for their logical buisness like thinking, forgetting the fact they also come up with social policies too.
Neo-conservatives got elected into the Whitehouse because Americans are too stupid to vote for arguements against them.
by Arthur October 05, 2003

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The place where you geta shot.
"In ah' Hempstead, you getta shot"
by Arthur March 11, 2004

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Originally from Sponge Bob Square Pants. Then, it was used in CS. It is an all knowing power source which few can handle. Ask any question, and you shal get the awsner. Frequently used by Wock and Doffy for all their cs needs.
Doffy : What should we do this round?
Magic Conch: Nothing
Doffy: The shell has spoken, allallalllalalaallalalallaalla.
by Arthur October 17, 2004

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Simply one of the greatest bands of all time. No joke.
Check out any of their albums. Brilliant writing
by Arthur April 18, 2005

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Caligula's horse (noun):
An imposter or phony. Someone who holds a position he or she does not deserve.
The Roman emperor Caligula once made his favorite horse a senator.
"Man, my English teacher's such a Caligula's horse! I read some of her poetry, and it's blog-awful."
by Arthur September 28, 2003

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One who acts against his/her nation, culture, race, sex, people, planet, or group
Bush supporters are encouraged to think of protesters as traitors for one reason. But we know they are traitors for other reasons.
by Arthur October 05, 2003

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