6 definitions by Arcca-Daton

A guy who lines his pants with crap, because he shits himself every time he's scared.
That Jester is such a Panty Liner.
by Arcca-Daton December 19, 2009
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A complete fallacy.

A word created by weak willed people for weak willed people to use as a way of avoiding responsibility for the things they do that they're not proud of, but continue to do regardless of the damage it causes.

Most likely created by psychiatrists who wanted a word they could use as a scapegoat, to hide their own shortcomings.
One of my pals, whom I've known since school, didn't have the balls to say, "No!" to my other idiot friends when they offered him drugs for the first time and even though his teeth are now brown/falling out, his breath stinks and he has no real friends anymore, he will continue doing drugs and when people ask why he's such a dumbass, he'll just say, "It's not my fault, I'm an addict!" and people will accept that at face value because they have been taught/fed that "Addiction" is a real phenomenon and they cannot tell the difference between a chemical dependency, habitual obsession or self-medicating.
by Arcca-Daton May 04, 2010
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A person who preaches scripture that they clearly do not understand and have no business reciting.
The other day some Bibletards knocked on my door and chatted shit for ages. I had to correct the Bibletards on a number of things they'd interpreted wrongly.
by Arcca-Daton December 20, 2009
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Combination of 'Kiss' and 'Rape' that describes the type of kiss where someone violates your mouth with their tongue, by trying to taste what you had for breakfast in your lower intestines.
Girl 1: I met this guy the other day and we got on so well, I leaned in for a kiss!

Girl 2: OMG! What happened? Was it any good?

Girl 2: It was disgusting! I wanted a nice soft, romantic kiss and he 'kaped' me! I felt so violated I needed to brush my teeth 15 times, then have four showers.

Girl 2: Awww, you poor thing! I hope you didn't give him your number!

Girl 2: No way! I'm going to write an online blog about him, to warn other girls. Yuck!
by Arcca-Daton April 19, 2010
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A person whom you share a special connection and unique bond with, that seems to go far deeper than anything you have experienced before.
Today I woke up and thought about the love of my life and my heart filled with joy and I wondered what she was doing at that very moment. She contacted me a moment later wondering what I was doing myself, because as soulmates we had both been thinking the same thing at the same times as we often do. We are literally two halves of one whole. She is my world.
by Arcca-Daton May 03, 2010
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Anyone who follows a trend where a well known word is used, but not in it's correct manner.

Someone with no understanding of sentence structure or grammar.
Person One: "I was watching this great movie and the special effects were sick!"

Person Two: "We all know that "sick" means 'ill' or 'puke' and nothing more. You're clearly a Wordtard."
by Arcca-Daton April 26, 2010
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