Used to describe what year someone was born in.
Jin is an 92-Liner because he was born in 1992
by Iyresi March 31, 2019
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A slang term for any model of the Nissan Skyline automobile.
"Tom drifted his liner into a tree last night"
by Erelyes June 29, 2007
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Synonymous with line, except used primarily by begging ass broke ass dope fiends.
Hey dawg, hey dawg, man let me get a liner man. I'll suck yo dick!
by Liner August 11, 2007
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phazers brother, cheater, haxor, nerd
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
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A type of eyeliner popularized by the app TikTok, which refers to a simple, smudged eyeliner look used to hint at being bisexual to other bisexuals.
I did some bi-liner today, so hopefully that barista will notice me now.
by arose13 December 3, 2020
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A soft paper like, or fabric sheet used to line the inside of a baby's diaper with. Diaper liners are mainly used with cloth diapers, but can be used with disposable diapers as well. Diaper liners help prevent excessive soiling of diapers, particularly cloth diapers, eliminating the need for thorough rinsing and soaking after changing, while at the same time helping to provide a protective barrier between babies tender skin and the wet or soiled diapers, reducing the incidence of diaper rash.
Before putting the clean cloth diaper on my son, I placed a diaper liner inside the cloth diaper.

All of the babies in the dayhome wore cloth diapers with diaper liners and rubber pants.

My friend uses diaper liners on her children.
by Lorraine Jorgenson. August 28, 2006
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