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where you go into youtube comments, and you find people correcting people.
Bob809550948094809548094558: wow thats so kool.
BarackObama0432328390432802383428934328: *Wow, that's so cool.
Bob809550948094809548094558: you grammer nazi
BarackObama0432328390432802383428934328: *You grammar nazi.
by AnonymouslyGreat December 27, 2016
A TV network that uses the same channel with Cartoon Network. It plays at 8:00pm to 6:00am since most kids between 7-13 years if age would normally would sleep. They play shows like American Dad!, Family Guy, Rick and Morty, Robot Chicken, etc. It always starts off playing two episodes of King of the Hill, then comes along one/two episodes of The Cleveland Show. At 11:30 pm comes an episode of Children's Hospital, and at midnight is Robot Chicken. After 1:00am is basically random shows. At 6:00am, Cartoon Network just says "YO WHATTUP YOU TIRED ASS MOTHERFUCKERS" or something like that. The show times can differ between time zones.
Kenny: Damn, there's nothing on. It's 11:36.
Bach: DUDE adult swim IS ON RIGHT NOW!
by AnonymouslyGreat April 5, 2016
when you're texting and you're lazy to type "bitch".
Cathy: Hey, could you buy some groceries for me?
You: bish no I'm not wasting my fucking time.
by AnonymouslyGreat December 24, 2015
Where a man goes someplace private with his friends. They get naked and gather in a circle, and look at each other's dicks.
When you realize that Markiplier is part of The D Club.
by AnonymouslyGreat April 10, 2016
Those annoying people in math class that add on to the most simple problems.
Jaden: Well, 2 + 2 = 4 because if you divide the integer...
Mark: That kid is such an asshole.
Me: No, CLASShole
by AnonymouslyGreat April 10, 2016
Kuugo: hey, why don't you sleep?
Katsu: what the hell is that?
by AnonymouslyGreat December 24, 2015