The greatest fictional prosecutor since Jack McCoy. Dresses like a pimp and and wins every case not involving Phoenix Wright. The entire police department has a crush on him, especially the men.
Miles Edgeworth: D-do I really inspire this sort of frothing desire among the female masses...?
by blind_assassin December 5, 2007
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A video game character that presents surprise evidence at worst times in the Ace Attorney game series. Also, his dad was murdered.
Phoenix Wright: It would have been impossible for her to write it. The autopsy says that she died immediately from a hit.
Miles Edgeworth: I have an updated autopsy report that says she died almost immediately.

Player: You gotta be kidding me. That isn't even fair.
by ErlandYt April 5, 2021
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- A Prosecutor from the game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

- A raging homosexual

- That one kid who you had a crush on in middle school that you thought would end up ugly but somehow they became hotter
Maya: Who's That?

Phoenix: That's Miles Edgeworth, my husband!
by DisasterTwink May 19, 2019
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Miles edgeworth is a character from Ace attorney: phoenix wright.

He wears a cravat and an open red suit, with a high kind of hairstyle.

he has a fucking crush on Phoenix wright, can't blame em
person 1: miles edgeworth is cool
person 2: he's hot too
by rabbi lol January 13, 2022
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Miles Edgeworth is the best prosecutor in the Ace Attorney games. He is quite hot and even if people say he is, he is not gay and doesn’t have a crush on his childhood friend, Phoenix Wright.
-Who’s that person?
-Oh, he’s Miles Edgeworth, one of the best prosecutors in the Ace Attorney series!
-Cool, he’s pretty cute.
-I agree.
by WeirdChicken November 3, 2019
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person 1: does miles edgeworth is gay?
person 2: no
person 1: wrong bitch he is gay
by souichi is coming for you July 18, 2022
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