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Another "cutesy" way of saying "love" - see "luv", "wub", etc.
Person 1: I luff!
Person 2: Aww; I luff too. <3
by Anonyfur January 24, 2014
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The way idiots talk to try and sound cute to their friends but really everyone is laughing at them unless they are 9 years old.
Luff youuuhhhh!!
by iphonelover January 03, 2011
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To love in such a way that it's not considered to "be in love", but to be connected enough to a person to share conversation about anything with. Greater than a best friend, but also lesser than a lover.
I luff her, because she and I can speak about anything and share our thoughts and ideas with one another.
by Zigbigidorlu January 17, 2006
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Love. U. For. Fun: A love I have between my friends. Not quite a serious love, But a fun love.
Me: I L.U.F.F Teana and Ashley <3
Random Kid: Dude your crazy
Me: Shuddup...
by VincentCunning November 23, 2008
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