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a state or condition in which a woman is so rotund that it is highly unlikely that a member of the opposite sex will engage with her in a procreative or other sexual act
"Suzie's lucky she's never had to worry about going on the pill," Erin cattily remarked. "With a figure like hers, she can always rely for protection on girth control."
by Andrew Roedell March 03, 2007
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The status achieved by someone who, having received a Ph.D., discovers to his or her lasting chagrin that it would seem to be an item of doubtful utility.
Andrea's friends--having prudently earned their MDs, MBAs, JDs, and other preprofessional degrees years before--were all now comfortably settled into lucrative careers; whilst Andrea, having toiled through the Bataan Death March-like process of getting her doctorate, now concluded, in the end, that she was merely Ph.Doomed.
by Andrew Roedell January 09, 2007
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to engage in cybersex with another party utilizing a webcam such as Apple Inc.'s iSightâ„¢
After spending a few minutes casually flirting online, John and Mary spent the rest of their evening together inquisitively iBalling one another.
by Andrew Roedell February 22, 2007
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to engage in a procreative act when one is determined not to reproduce thereby
"I'd better pick up some prophylactic condoms," James remarked. "for it is my intention that Denise and I shall nocreate tonight."
by Andrew Roedell January 17, 2007
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the menses of an infertile woman
"It seems so unfair that Jill still has to endure her visits from Aunt Flo," Donald remarked sympathetically. "Doctors have assured her that she can never bear children, yet every month she is still obliged to have her date with the Red Barren."
by Andrew Roedell April 26, 2007
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A woman you goes for long periods without seeing her husband or boyfriend because the latter is always away with his gay uncle (see GUNCLE)
Francine went to the spa to pamper herself after boldly announcing to her boyfriend that her days of being a guncle widow were now over.
by Andrew Roedell February 02, 2007
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the human female population of Manhattan Island
As evening approached, Mark carefully primped himself for his much-anticipated night out in New York; for he was determined to cut a handsome figure as he toured the younger and more attractive precincts of Ma'amhattan.
by Andrew Roedell May 08, 2007
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