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Today's atire for a "Gangsta". It is a piece of cloth, usually polyester or silk. Tie it on your head and either leave the back flyin' or tied up. A favorite for WankStas, but real gangsters wear it too. Make sure to know which you are messing with before you do.
When my Du Rag comes off, my fro pops out.
My hair goes through the Du Rag.
Look at the wanksta with the Du Rag.
by Andrew Shea May 6, 2003
The worst attempt at inserting women into a group of cool that coensides with their sexuality. It was most likely made by a sorry individual who felt that calling a group of girls "guys" was a moral sin. Anyone who uses the word should be castrated and decapitated, because no girl would be stupid enough to use a word like "dudette."
Brian before saying "dudette": an average teenager trying to pick up girls
Brian after saying "dudette": head off, dick off, dead with blood spattering everywhere
by Andrew Shea August 29, 2004
the greatest swear ever invented by anyone. Forged together from several blasphemes, this swear is so powerful that it can kill people as far away as 50 feet. Use wisely and only when necessary.
Jesusgoddamnmotherfuckingchrist! It is hard to say quickly. Practice often because like the Finals for any sport, you only have one shot to do it right.
by Andrew Shea August 24, 2004
random of the random, you cant get anymore random than this. It's like if a Yu-Gi-Oh freak walks up to a porn star and tries to relate understanding the game and having sex. it gets gross when the money shot comes up.
You are so vapulent.
Enough of ur vapulency, i dont want to know about the life cycle of a dried up cheese whiz.
by Andrew Shea May 15, 2003
The object not used in order to get STDs, pregnant, and destroy marriages.
One day Johnny and Jane decided to have intercourse. Jane asked Johnny if he had a condom and he said of course he didn't, condoms were for faggots and pussies, and he was neither. Well they had sex, and poor Johnny had premature ejaculation before he could pull out. 1 month later, Jane tells Johnny that she had Herpes and that he is most likely now positive for it. She is also pregnant. 8 months later, a kid comes around (luckily no Herpes because of today's medicines)and Jane decides that she cannot take care of the child. She gives the child to Johnny, in which Johnny's wife Mary, finally finds out about the wrongful deed and divorces Johnny. If only he had worn a Condom
by Andrew Shea August 24, 2004
Every man has a shotgun in their undercarriage. It has one barrel, but it can be filled with two types of ammo, urine or sperm. When a man shoots out sperm from his shotgun before sex or before 2 minutes into sex, he has prematurely ejaculated. It is one of the most embarrassing things a man can endure. Don't do it.
Premature ejaculation is a word too often connected with sex. Fight the battle against premature ejaculation today! Viva la revolution
by Andrew Shea August 25, 2004
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wow that anonymous guy sure knows a lot of words
by Andrew Shea August 29, 2004