A cheese whiz is the process of farting when you pee. Generally due to the natural relaxing of muscle tissue in both the rectal region as well as the anal region during urination.
Also spelled as: cheese wiz
Generally when I pee, it's a cheese whiz. I am frequently complemented as being on key as a tenor when this occurs around others. I can produce 1 pint and 2 bars at D Minor seventh simultaneously.
by Big Ed Moustapha August 14, 2010
Do you have a theory here, McCoy, or are you just spraying cheese whiz into the wind?
Law & Order, Series 6 episode 18
by Mohamed April 5, 2004
A rare medical disorder whereby n00bs at sex ejaculate and urinate at the same time, generally all over their fat partner's face. This medical condition was the inspiration behind the commercially successful condiment known as Cheez Whiz.
when BIlly Bob was done, Juanita had cheese whiz all down her hairy asscrack

"yo deaggg, after she finished rocking my cock i chezzed whizz all in her eyeballz"
by Jerry Slice October 16, 2007
O.K., let's say you are fuckin' this girl and she has gonoreah/clamidia and you use no jimmy-hoppers. You fuckin' try to JIZ and it comes out like cheeze wiz because of the glue-like gonno mixed with jizznads.
Dang, I pulled out after jizznads and cheese whiz was all over my dick!
by David!M! January 10, 2006