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being wiley to an extreme. so crazy it is beyond comprehension.
Dude! Ican not belive you just did that that is wiley as hell!
by andrew M April 12, 2006

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White person who listens to rap/reggae/hiphop excessively.
Damnit smaul tupac is dead.
by Andrew M December 08, 2003

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It is a a version of omg that mocks it, being that you can accidentaly hit the z key when trying to hit the right shift key fp OMG, from there it developed into an accronym to mock the entire online/l33t language
person 1: OMG i just raped a lvl 21
person 2: ZOMG STFU NOOB!!!
by andrew m June 17, 2006

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To be off one's face on alcoholic beverages; to be thoroughly intoxicated; to be so drunk as unable to walk
Bradley was hell-whipped after drinking plenty of beer.
by Andrew M October 30, 2003

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Bermudian un-funny short people. Often heard making reference to Justin Timberlake...
Yo Mayne, I don't care that JT is on Saturday Night Live!
by Andrew M December 08, 2003

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