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6 definitions by Andrew Apocalypse

A form of punk derived from UK82.

Short for Discharge beat or down beat (depeneding on who you ask), whatever the technical definition, d-beat still refers to the same thing, which is shredding guitar, sparsed vocals (often about the destruction of mankind/the earth) and the d-beat.

D-beat bands include Discharge, Disclose, Anti-Cimex, and Wolfbrigade. D-beat is also closely associated with Swedish, Finnish, and Japanese Hardcore bands such as Gauze, The Black Uniforms, and Tampere SS.

D-beat fashion is all black, with band shirts that printed with white lettering. Black charged haircuts, black stretch jeans, multiple studded belts topped off with a bullet belt is pretty standard on a d-beat kid. Also, headbands of various types are often worn(usually to help keep up the charged haircut).
D-beat is basically crust punk without the hippie part.
by Andrew Apocalypse July 13, 2005
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A type of punk music that basically plays as fast as humanly possible with lyrics that don't even attempt to be audible or important.

Powerviolence is described in 3 words: "Noise Not Music."
Fuck On The Beach are powerviolence.
by Andrew Apocalypse July 22, 2005
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A very wide genre of rock started in 1977 that has a sound that has infleunced countless types of music some of which including: streetpunk, oi, d-beat, crust powerviolence, pop-punk, grind, indie, emo, screamo, hardcore, deathrock, 77, uk82, glam, hair metal, speed metal, and even sludge metal.

It is a label that is largely misunderstoof by the public (despite what they may think) and so overused that obvious fallacies to what the style is (fast, loud, and hard) have become accepted. Such clearly pop acts like Hilary Duff have been labeled punk which is downright laughable.
Punk has become too wide of genre to apply to any specific type of music now. Almost any band that plays fast, loud, and hard can be called punk, although not always correctly.

The punk music label has become simply a matter of perspective, for example: a common streetpunk might say that The Casualties are a punk band, while a crust punk would simply laugh at this, and then proceed to listen to Axegrinder.
by Andrew Apocalypse July 22, 2005
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A term originally used to mock Bush, but has degraded into a word hipsters use in an attempt to make themselves sound cooler. People who use the word are the peope who also use teh and le because quite simply they saw everyone else doing it.

This also goes for teh internets, the typed form of the word in which the is intentionally mistyped, so they can make themselves look like the largest douchebags possible.
Hipster: I was surfing the internets at starbucks...
Person: Shut up, you are a douchebag.
by Andrew Apocalypse October 20, 2005
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40oz of any alcoholic beverage. Colt 45, King Cobra, English 800, all example of popular 40oz.
Ya tuned a spanging job into a life long career
For a tin of tabacco and a 40 of beer
-Leftover Crack
by Andrew Apocalypse March 26, 2005
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