Used in reference to the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado. First used by the rap group Andronicus, who are native to the city, in their song "Welcome to the Beach."
"Welcome to the Beach. We ain't got sand we got concrete streets."
-Andronicus, "Welcome to the Beach"
Girl: Where are you from?
Boy: I'm from the Beach, girl.
Girl: Cool, do you surf?
Boy: Nah, I just kick ass.
Girl: Oh, you mean THE BEACH.
by Chalie Boy October 22, 2007
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A grassy location at the University of Pittsburgh containing many scantily clothed women/men. Usually it used in referance to Schendly Plaza but may also refer to the lawn of the Soilders and Sailors Memorial.
"Lets go to the beach and check out the scenary."

"The beach has a great view of the ocean"
by cdsaylor September 10, 2008
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Basically to be screwed. Originates from a YouTube video parodying the NZ accent. Made by a pair of Australians, the video shows a cartoon whale 'beached'. He says to a passing bird 'Oh no man, I'm beached as!'
'I'm missed the last bus home, I'm beached as'
by cabbagetreekiwi October 21, 2008
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When a poop is so large that the poop is raised out of the water. Or it can be piled up out of the water, like soft serve.
"Hey Andrew, I just beached it!" -Ben

"Congratulations" -Andrew
by tahoe-chaz January 8, 2014
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When you need to be doing something important, but instead you lay on you stomach, like a beached whale, doing nothing
Peter was supposed to be studying, but instead he was beaching it, and decided to watch Netflix
by C "Babyface" T September 7, 2011
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(noun): The only place you can take pictures of your hot teenage cousin when she's wearing almost nothing at all, in full view of your family and hers, and not have to worry about getting clobbered for doing so.
Teen boy: Hey, cuz, how 'bout a shot of you in that bikini?
Teen girl: What, are you crazy? Some kind of perv?
Teen boy: How about at the beach, then? A shot of you sitting in the surf!
Teen girl: OK, let's go!
by Vermont Ferret March 16, 2005
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Beached: short for beached whale; is a person known for excessive lying, obviously untrue and arrogant statements (i.e. 'I'm just one of those people that's good at everything'), and general beachedness. They will lie upon the beach of life for eternity.
Why does that kid suck at everything?' 'Don't mind him he's just beached as shit.
by WilliamEKennedy August 11, 2010
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