Broken Bones
The Exploited
The Varukers
by Davey F July 23, 2003
UK = united kingdom
82 = 1982

twas was when bands made punk rock "a little harder" and geared their lyrics toward politics.
uk82 is great and so is anarchopunk.
by zounds January 30, 2004
UK82 is the second wave of british punk, UK77 was the first. 77 was more popular, because it was the beginning of a new genre of music. By the end of the 77 movement most "punks" "grew out of" punk rock music. UK82 is harder, faster, somewhat darker and the fashion was better too.
Varukers, Court Martial, Crux, Broken Bones.
by jpj May 13, 2004
UK82 actually started in 1979 with bands like the Threats.
The biggest battle during the UK82 era was punks vs mods.
by Gary Destruction July 16, 2003
A form of punk rock that first appeared in England circia 1982
by Anonymous July 14, 2003
UK82, street punk and 77 are the only real punk.
by Gary Destruction June 10, 2003