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Opposite of fuck off.

Fuck On means come here.
Hannah!! Charlie!! I wanna talk to you so Fuck On!!
by JadeMasters :P August 12, 2009
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The opposite of "Fuck Off". In a business context, when the other party gives you to green light.
The meeting just went ok. They didn't tell us to "Fuck Off!" but they didn't tell us to "Fuck On!" either.
by Bad Brad May 08, 2008
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Same as Rock on, to proceed with your fuck quest
Yeah, Charlie, she's hot, fuck on with your bad self.
by SherryP October 09, 2006
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A joyous exclamation meaning "all right" or "right on!"
Fuck on, I just got an A on my spelling test!
Fuck on brother...
by PlasmaShark May 15, 2010
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it is a mixture of "Jog on" and "Fuck off"
annoying person : " hey hey can i come with you"
you:" Urm no fuck on"
by hollydishy June 02, 2010
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