1. Referring to the style of metal-influenced political punk born in the 80s in england by bands such as Amebix, Axgrinder, and Deviated Instinct.
2. A punk who listens to crust music and dresses "crustie" ie: all black, studded denim jacket or vest, and a plethora of band patches and pseudo-politcal slogans. Other common features included dred mullets and homemade tattoos.
We went and saw an awesome crust punk show in someone's basement last night! We were surrounded by about 40 smelly kids with dogs and studded vests drinking 40oz's, and the music was so loud my ears bled. It was great!
by steve May 19, 2004
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crust punk is what peace punk evolved into blending gutter punk culture, metal and anarcho politics together.
crust punks fill up the black bloc at this week's protest.
by Dutch black November 20, 2005
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dumpster dives, vegan, rolls their own cigarettes, may or may not have beards/moustaches, enjoy biking and hiking, peaceful, hate war, talented musically despite the general punk consensus, most have banjos, acoustics and/or ukuleles, dislike showering and being clean
-i scored these great mushrooms in the dumpster behind trader joes.
-sweet! now we can make our favorite vegetarian omelette woo
-we are so crust punk.
by dededededededdedede August 18, 2009
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a form of punk that derives out of anarcho, hardcore punk and metal(some say early black metal)that has sped up chord changes and a overall dirty metal sound. it is true they protest against the government by not washing, but who cares.
framtid(a japanese crust punk band) playing sounds like nazi skinheads having there heads kicked in.
by luigi proto July 29, 2006
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a punk who hates politics and the government so much, that they refuse to take a shower, due to the fact that the government provides them with the water. resulting in a shit-like smell.
Man it smells like shit in here!... there must have been a crust punk show last night.
by Tim August 22, 2004
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A person whose lifestyle causes them to be dirty and downright unsavory, often emitting an obnoxious gas from their orifaces. Definately someone you dont want to bring to a family function.
Dude you fucked that crust punk chick last night? You must be hella desperate.
by Higuyz August 16, 2008
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Fake homeless type kids who "live" on the streets despite being able to go home to the suburbs to have mommy and daddy do their laundry any time they want to. They can be spotted by the thousands of dollars of tattoos on their arms. The spend significant amounts of time scavenging for food thrown out by bakeries, grocery stores, etc. when they are not talking about how an anarchist form of government would be way better than whatever we have now.
"Dude, are those homeless people?"
"Nah, they're just poser bitch crust punks."
by DJ Crust July 15, 2009
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