18 definitions by Amy Christ

v. to steal something or rip someone off as if you were a pirate.
my friends dragged me to some fuckstick's house so i entertained myself by gaffling his CD collection pirately.

i wish i were reading the newspaper right now but it was gaffled pirately off of the lawn.

i thought i was buying acid but got gaffled pirately. it was fuckin fake.

im gonna gaffle pirately this shirt from the store.
by Amy Christ November 19, 2007
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i'm so strung out, i've been on that dirty lady and haven't slept for 2 weeks.
by Amy Christ May 1, 2005
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something really cool, top notch. usually said in a playful or joking fashion.
"how sweet of you to make a mix tape for me, youre the most."
by Amy Christ April 30, 2005
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small amount of drugs leftover after mainlining.
"i got so high off that dope i just gave away my wash."
by Amy Christ April 30, 2005
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