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Derived from Special Education; A Special Ed. student; Someone really damn dumb.
the perfect taunt when someone displays their lack of grace or intelect: "Nice one, Eddy. Way to show 'em how it's done. Pull any more shit like that and i'm buying you a helmet with 'retard x-ing' on the front."
by Amy Christ May 01, 2005

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they come and go
they come and gooooooo
::::scamper scamper scamper:::::
by Amy Christ April 30, 2005

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noun: psychological ailment when a guy always has to push or boss others around, start fights, talk shit, make himself the center of attention, assume responsibility for anyone else's triumph while also pushing the blame for his fuck-ups onto others.
"hey Cara, whatever happened to you and Bill?"

"Oh, he's cute but he has a roaring case of alpha male syndrome. all he does is talk about how awesome he thinks he is at everything and he never let me choose where we'd hang out at night. plus he punched my sister's boyfriend in the face for asking me what time it was."

"damn. what a fucking chode."
by Amy Christ October 14, 2007

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something really cool, top notch. usually said in a playful or joking fashion.
"how sweet of you to make a mix tape for me, youre the most."
by Amy Christ April 29, 2005

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To vomit profusely or to make yourself vomit. A direct referance to Mary-Kate Olsen's eating disorder.
"That chinese food got the best of me. I might have to go mary-kate that shit up, here in a minute."
by Amy Christ April 29, 2005

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area where hookers go to do sex to pathetics for money.
i hate having to walk through the ho strolls. everyone assumes im a hooker!

i saw your girlfriend workin it on the ho stroll last night. she said shed eat it for a rock but i didnt feel like catchin her mouth herpes on my fun stuff.
by Amy Christ May 01, 2005

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The ankle bracelet used as a tracking device worn by those under house arrest.
"i can't go to the party, man. I'm still on house arrest. They'll know i left the house cause of my low jack."
by Amy Christ April 29, 2005

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