10 definitions by Amie

to be in love with someone so much you just don't know what you'd do with out them. To love infinity and beyond!
I'm consumed in love Sheldon Grant Carmichael and I can't wait till we become one! You're my heart baby!
by Amie April 07, 2005
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To throw something at someone... originates in Texas..ya'll know what I'm talkin' 'bout!!
I chunked the flippin' food at Tina!
by Amie March 01, 2005
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when someone unwillingly penetrates your anus...a.k.a ass raping...often practiced by men in prison
" omg mr. prison officer this black man is sadamizing me "
by Amie March 05, 2005
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The most wonderful man you can imagine. He is solid, loving and bright. He's a fighter who works hard. This man is a traveler who has seen the world and likes to tell stories. He is funny and brings happiness to other people. A lucky person who likes to have fun and share joy. A lover.
This guy is out to concur the world. He must be a Siggi.
This man is a real MAN. An authentic Siggi.
Did you have a good time? Siggi time?
That was such a Siggi story!
Hahahahahahaha Siggi!!!
Such a sexy man, is he a Siggi or what?!!
by Amie February 24, 2012
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1) Dude she made me wear a sling- bitch.
2) Man, I forgot my sling! How am I going to play?
by Amie February 10, 2003
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