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1. Verb. To steal the abilities, talents, or gifts of another human being through magical or supernatural means.

2. Verb. To cheaply copy another artist's style to the extent that you become a cartoonish portrayal of said original artist.
1. ex. If I could SPACE JAM Ron Jeremy's downstairs area, I'd get all the ladies.

2. ex. Gunther: "Hey, Otis, what do you think of the new Robin Thicke joint?" Otis: "I do not approve. He's just SPACE JAMMING Prince."
by AllTheGoodNamsAreTaken August 29, 2013

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The one positive thing about something that is awful in every other way.
Otis: "Hey, Gunther, have you seen any of the Twilight movies?" Gunther: "Yeah, they were awful. Alice was pretty hot though. She was definitely the PEANUT IN THE TURD."
by AllTheGoodNamsAreTaken September 14, 2013

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Noun. A fair and beautiful woman who, much like the megalodon shark, is larger than most of her kind.

Megalodon is to shark, as megalodonna is to belladonna.
Otis: You think Darcy will be at the party? I've wanted to hook up with her for a long time.

Gunther: Really? She weighs, like, three of you.

Otis: I know. Oh, how I long for my plump MEGALODONNA.
by AllTheGoodNamsAreTaken June 27, 2014

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The act of pulling a character from a movie, TV show, book, or comic, into the real world. This would be the actual character from the story, NOT the actor who is portraying the character.
Otis: "Hey, Gunther, if you could make love to any woman of your choosing, who would you choose?" Gunther: "I'd LAST ACTION HERO Alice from the Twilight movies."
by AllTheGoodNamsAreTaken September 14, 2013

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When a woman loves a terrible movie with an attractive male cast and pretends that the movie is amazing so that they don't have to admit to only enjoying it for the eye candy.
Gunther: "Hey, Otis, have you seen Magic Mike? I heard it's actually a really good movie with a thought provoking story." Otis: "Yeah, I've seen it. It was just a bunch of dudes flopping their junk around on a stage. Whoever told you it was amazing TWILIGHT HYPED the crap out of it."
by AllTheGoodNamsAreTaken September 08, 2013

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Someone with an innate need to suck dicks comparable to the way a zombie needs to eat flesh. A dick zombie can be either male or female.
Otis: "Hey Gunther, guess who got to third base with Macy Hertz?" Gunther: "Everyone. That girl's a DICK ZOMBIE."
by AllTheGoodNamsAreTaken September 19, 2013

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