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1. A raunchy skank of a cumdump (m) or (f) who whores out every possible bodily orifice for a ridiculous amount of vociferous and usually heinous eye-popping fucking. Having ones mouth, vagina, anus, ears, glass eye. nose, armpits and quite possibly feet slathered with loads of milky funky spunk. Usually consisting of but not limited to: vagrants precious bodily fluids, the football teams cream squirts, a visit by the clergy and or a facial and cumbath by a wispy group of hair dressers all named Philip. These unbridled sperm receptacles are usually chock full o' various unchecked/untreated STDs.

2. The name of the swell fishing boat in the movie "Cabin Boy".
That skank of a Filthy Whore Babs enjoyed having all fifteen of those sweaty, flea-bitten, smelly, drunk and angry winos fill her raw with their juices and pus filled syphillitic dicks every Wednesday while inside the garbage dumpsters behind Wal-mart.
by Alfonso T. Watt May 08, 2010

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When a middle aged man in a cheap sport coat and polyester trousers walks by briskly and very stifly, revealing no discernable rhythm or style in an effort not to break the potato chip stuffed deep inside his rectum. This is all an effort to hide the fact he runs like a little school girl.
"Look at Sgt. Joe Friday struttin' a chip like he means business"
by Alfonso T. Watt May 08, 2010

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A Juice Bag exhibits the same utterly exasperating character flaws as a Douche Bag or a Dirt Bag but usually a bit more effeminate. It usually responds with attitude to the name "Dave".
Wow! That toad Dave put gunpowder in all the ashtrays at that punk kegger in the Cardinal Apartments. Watta Juice Bag!
by Alfonso T. Watt May 10, 2010

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Sebacious substance found on or inside ones genitalia after raucous debasement of a coworker (or many coworkers, subordinates and complete strangers) while at work. This disease is strictly indiginous to the Fox Valley area in Illinois. Named for a stellar insurance executive, and all around swell guy who made this type of behavior an art form.
Oh snaaaaaap, I got that nasty tarvin all over me after giving it to that dolt Wimer Beesley about that sloppy amendment.
by Alfonso T. Watt June 03, 2010

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A whistle lisp is defined by producing a slight whistling noise when pronouncing words beginning with "s" or "sh". Most noticible when conversing with elderly gay men with possible dental or identity issues.
Mr. Herbert ssssssaid that SSSSSweet SSSSSam'sssssss sssssalute wasssssss ssssssloppy and sssssaucy. He sssssent Ssssssam sssssstateside to practicccccccce that sssssssaucy sssssalute. These words all have a whistle lisp.
by Alfonso T. Watt May 15, 2010

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(noun) A Sanity Assasin is defined as a person, organization or an event by which the "sanity" of the unsuspecdting public can be eviscerated, derailed, decimated or even completely obliterated by a visciously random or premeditated act of sheer terror carried out with extreme venegeance.
That sanity assasin FEMA is making millions of coffins, storing them in rural areas and operating hundreds of concentration camps within the United States in preparation for an impending change in direction for our "democracy". This will happen through mandatory innoculations, flu shots etc. as Bill Gates suggested be institued to begin reducing the prospective world population by 10-15% within 10 years.
by Alfonso T. Watt January 10, 2011

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Every possible secretion emanating from a human body is considered a precious bodily fluid. Sweat, blood, menstruative residue, plasma, feces (solid or liquid will work here), ejaculate, urine, bile, phlegm, pus and last but certainly not least...vomit.
That dolt Wilmer Beesley was obsessive compulsive about collecting Precious Bodily Fluids. He particularly enjoyed the specimens he pilfered from various dank and humid dirty public toilets in large train stations.
by Alfonso T. Watt June 04, 2010

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