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(noun) A piece of excrement. This word is synonomous with and can be used with reference to piles of shit, thick slimy meaty chuds, feces, poo, diharrea, Colon Blow, grunt, coilers or turds.
Dude, when I had to use the toilet at Target there was a huge slimy brownish-red chenery coiled around the bottom of the bowl smiling at me.
by Alfonso T. Watt January 31, 2011
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A Scottish originated name. A person who has a kind heart and lots of personality. She has many friends, but no one special. The guys like her for more of her personality rather than looks. She is just as rare as her name
Dude. Chenery is so nice!
Ikr. I think Iā€™m gonna be her friend.
by Chenchen190517 May 13, 2018
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