There are two binary genders. The two binary genders are female and Male. Then there's sex, your sex is your genitalia. For sex, there's female, male, and other. Other could be intersex or someone that has done some medical transitioning.
Dude 1: ugh I'm sick of people saying they're More than two genders!

Dude 2: maybe if you weren't such a bigoted idiot you'd understand that there are more than two genders!

Dude 1: you're one of them! I can't believe I'm friends with you?

Dude 2: yeah me too! But really there are More than two genders, dude!

Dude 1: oh really? Says who?

Dude 2: *smacks head* scientists, gender therapists, doctors, and people that aren't bigots... Aka people that have a brain and understand something this basic
by AlextheArschloch July 19, 2019
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