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Judas Priest is without a fucking doubt THEE Greatest Fucking Band ever! 5 guys with talent, You got K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton, the twin guitarists, Ian Hill, the silent Bassiet, Scott Travis, The speed king, and Rob Halford, the Metal God. The genre is mixed with, Metal, Speed Metal, Hard Rock, and Classic! In 1993 Halford left the band and then returned 10 years later, what a moment in metal, anyways it was awsome. There back and the made another album just 3 years ago and right now there working on a new one and I'm so psyched of getting it. Judas Priest are legend. They saved metal's ass when punk was ruling the world, they threw aside what wasn't metal, and if you think thier done, You've Got Another Thing Coming!
Judas Priest made kick ass metal albums such as
British Steel
Screaming For Vengence
Sad Wings of Destiny
Sin After Sin
Hell Bent For Leather
Defenders of the Faith
Angel of Retribution
by Alan Massacre April 17, 2008

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Another piece of shit spoof that just has riduculas characters, why not have real actors instead of fake actors playing as the actors like they were crazy ppl. Sma eas the X Men, why can't they get Ian McKellen playing Magneto instead some other old guy dressed up like it was a fucking halloween party.
Epic Movie is a piece of shit, bad stunt doubles like when the lion was fighting the witch it was some Asian kid. Jokes suck, too much breakdancing oh god it was like watching You got served but this sucks alot worst. And the scene where "Captian Jack Sparrow arrives" and the White Bitch would be wearing a Davey Jones mask and then starts another break dance. These jokes are unexplainable and unfunny. Don't watch it.
by Alan Massacre April 14, 2008

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The !FUCKING! grandfather of Rock n Roll!

He's guitarist, influence by millions! lot of great bands influenced him, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Aerosmith, The Rolling stones. He's famous for his song "Johnny. B Goode", yah you could say that's nothing, but many people bought that single and loved it, and it got him famous and well known.

Suprisingly he's still alive, 82 years old, so I wish to meet him someday before he leaves us.

You want my oponion? If chuck berry didn't got up and play that guitar, rock n roll would never sound like what it sould be and real good music would not excist!
Beatles member John Lennon once said
"If you can give Rock n Roll another name, it would have to be "Chuck Berry"

frankly that's all I kept saying.
by Alan Massacre April 14, 2009

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My re-defenition of this shit is it's ANOTHER FUCKING TEEN POP Group with three guys that are brothers. No it's not the Hansons, it's the Jonas Brothers. I don't mind looking good but there music talent is awful, when joe sings, it sound like he's forcing his voice too much, like he's actually (and I'll laugh if it's true) trying to be a rocker. Nick is also just an uninteresting guitarist (a reason why other boy bands don't use instruments)

The fangirls are just as worst (maybe more than) It's like you just wanna hurt the jonas and just kill their fans. Any girl would just use lousy shit like "you jealous" I don't need Disney to waste my time just to be famous, dumb bitch! they're famous no thinks to Disney that itself is really going sown the drain. Most of them just say they're hot and not even talk about they're music talent (a good way to tell they don't have any) it's like they just watch a jonas brothers video on mute.

Becuase of these fucks, they hate I once had against Hip Hop is gone.

They also fuck up classics like Kids of America, no wait it's now called "Kids of the Future"
person 1: What's with you!

person 2: the worst 3 minuets I had was a 3 member group no music talent at all and my ears are hurting.

person 1: Jonas Brothers?

Person 2: yes, please kill me

by Alan Massacre April 14, 2009

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One of the most funniest and greatest internet ppl ever since the dance revolution thing. The Angry Video game nerd is a character played by James Rolfe, who reviews games from the 80s that are just god awful. He really helps you with what games you shouldn't play, even if it looks good to play, if he reviews them, it fucking sucks.
He.s funny, hes awsome, and so much better than that, emo fuck faggot of a fuck Chris Cock(suc)ker. "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" Shut up! If he only knew
The Angry Video Game Nerd uses such hilarious words like, cockadookie and bullfuck, he would rather eat the rotten asshole of a skunk than play, wolly bear, he's got balls. Crocker is just balls, or ballsucker.
by Alan Massacre April 14, 2008

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I'm sure you all heard it before, so I'll just listen and see what I think.
*Listens too Jonas Brothers S.O.S*

10 seconds later

*shooting at the radio*

*manics in bed*
by Alan Massacre April 13, 2009

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You got the balls to do anything. You say "Fuck you" To death's face. You can sarcasticly scared "ooh I'm really fucking scared".
That dudes got bravery from both a lion and a bull.
by Alan Massacre April 16, 2008

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