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In high school, the people that deserve the least amount of respect, yet get the most. MTV brainwashed girls want to fuck them just becuase they're "hot". VERY few of them (about 10%) are cool and get along with everybody. The other 90% are stereotypical jocks: date only cheerleaders, hate everyone not on the team, are depressingly stupid, and act like complete asses.
Football players: giving "meathead" a new definition.
by Adrian June 20, 2006

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said one of the funniest lines in family guy after he saw his daughter dressed like a slut because she had too much makeup on
go upstairs and change Lisa. You're a mc donald, not a whore.
by adrian October 16, 2004

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Best fuckin band gracing the face of the fucking earth. How anyone can not like them is beyond comprehension if ya ask me.
Get saturate and we are not alone.
Just a few of their good songs:
Shallow bay (best fucking song ever)
Home (a song about the wizard of oz that kicks ass alot)
Sooner or later
So cold
Blow me away
Breaking Benjamin kicks much ass.
by Adrian September 09, 2005

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The Hermetic science and art of causing change, both physically and spiritually. The term is also used to describe the spiritual practices of chemists from other ancient cultures, such as ancient Chinese "alchemists." In the old days, there was no division seen between spiritual and physical practices, but for the sake of modern obsession with duality, alchemy can be divided into two types.

Practical alchemy _is_ chemisty, studying and manipulating the properties of matter to get what you want out of the universe.

Spiritual alchemy is what is discussed when "turning base metals into gold" is described. It is a form of mysticism, spiritual self-improvement with analogies to chemical jargon. "Gold" is spiritual perfection, while the lesser "base" metals (such as lead) are impure states of the spirit, unenlightened and full of the problems of mortal life.

Knowledgable alchemists were never trying to make a potion for eternal life or a stone that would transform physical materials into gold.
I seek enlightenment through alchemy.
by Adrian August 03, 2005

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I will always remember him as tony montana, even though he has many other great performances.
Should have won best actor for scarface.
by Adrian January 08, 2005

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1. God, in edible form, or
2. the food of the gods.
Lasagna is the best food on this earth.
by Adrian June 06, 2007

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when used in letters: it means "regarding"
Call: Marge
RE: Horror
by Adrian February 23, 2006

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