371 definition by AdRiAn

you're screwed either way.
Damned if you do, damned if you don't join the military during Vietnam. There was a war draft.
by Adrian April 28, 2006

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all talk, no fight. Bullshit.
Man, they're nothing but a bunch of hot air.
by Adrian July 03, 2006

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something black people say when they're criticized for acting like complete obnoxious jackasses. by saying this, they hope the person trying to put them in their place will leave them alone, and unfortunately, it usually works.
*Black teens yelling, talking loudly on cell phones during movie*
*guy that is not racist* shut the fuck up!
*black teen that needs to learn how to speak english properly, should say it's because I'm black but it sounds like* man iss cuz i black fuckin white boy no respect for a nigga. GGGGGG-Unit!!!
*guy* that's what they say everytime.
by Adrian April 07, 2006

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Wow... the first definition for organized crime? anyway, it's the mafia, not that crips/bloods bullshit.
But organized crime might run deeper than the mafia.
by Adrian July 04, 2006

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A Whore, Harlot, or worthless Slut posing as a good and faithful woman.
You've been fucking my best friend you cheating bitch!
by Adrian December 09, 2003

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The 2006 world series champions!!!
Holy shit! The St. Louis Cardinals are the 2006 world series champions!
by Adrian October 27, 2006

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One of the best technical wrestlers of all time. Known finishers included the crippler crossface, the sharpshooter, and the diving headbutt. Will be missed after he and his family were found dead on June 25, 2007.
Currently, the Benoit case is being treated as a murder suicide. Police say Chris Benoit killed his wife and his son, then himself. CURRENTLY, that's what police think.
by Adrian June 25, 2007

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