Where worldly interests supersede national interests as we merge towards a global economy.
An example would be the U.N., where nation/states work collectively to achieve co-operative interests. "North Korea just doesn't understand that internationalism is not just a U.S. ideal, it's also the rest of the world's ideals.
by Sean B Corby July 23, 2009
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Making something that all nations can enjoy even though seperated by language.
THey are internationalizing that game.
by nin_j December 21, 2006
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When loads of good looking girls from all over the world converge on one place, like Ibiza, Miami or Rio, and some of them just excel above the rest... That's Internationally Good Looking.

Good Looking is also disambiguated as Fit and Hot, at least where I'm from...
Mate, you won't believe it, Internationally Good Looking Girls, everywhere!
by Simon-Vegas June 11, 2011
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