Sub Pop Records is a well respected indie music label label. It has a great roster of well knowns and unknowns like The Shins, The Postal Service, Iron & Wine, and Hot Hot Heat. Originated in 1979 when Bruce Pavitt started a fanzine for indie rock called Subterranean Pop. A mix tape LP thing with indie rockers from around the country was made and long story short, Sub Pop Records forms.
Hey, I found a record label with a lot of cool bands. It's called sub pop.
by Totoro April 17, 2006
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Music which is in the 'pop' genre, which has never been in the top 10.
The club was awful last night, I couldn't stand the Sub-pop.
by Tobe Meister May 6, 2009
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The brand of pseudo-intellectualism associated with the slacker lifestyle.
- "Dude, why are you gettin' high all the time? You need to get a job!"

- "It helps me be apply for jobs! Every time I finish an application I rip some mad bowls, thus creating an association between successfully hunting for employment and the pleasures of the ganj!"

- "Dude, that's such Sub Pop Psychology."
by Mr. Bigglestein November 1, 2010
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