The condition of having one's scrotum stick to one's leg after sitting down for too long.
"Hold that thought for a second, I gotta shake out this lugo!"

"Damn it's hot today, I got the worst lugo of my life"
by Oompah January 11, 2009
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When a girls nipples are so rock hard they poke through her shirt.
Example 1
James - "Dude check out that chick, she's poking right through her shirt."
Mike - "Yeah man the Lugo is strong with this one."

Example 2
Tyrone - "Ew man look at that ugly chick, she's Lugoing hard."
Steve - "She brings shame to the Lugo."
Tyrone - "Still hit it doe."

Example 3
Rod - "Wow that girls nips are so hard they are like crystals."
Frank - "Yup, definitely a crystal Lugo"
by I'm judging your breasts January 26, 2014
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a person who walks slow in the hall
damn lugo
by ballsdeep44 March 18, 2012
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Going 1-4 from the leadoff spot in a baseball game. Where the one hit is a single and one of the outs is a double play.
We would have won our baseball game yesterday if you didn't pull a Julio Lugo batting leadoff.

Jacoby Ellsbury went 1-4 today with 2 strikeouts and grounded into a double play, I could have sworn we traded Julio Lugo to the Cardinals
by NicT September 30, 2009
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My man Jesus Lugo is simply built differently. So it is justifiable as to why he went 140 on a school zone
by Luzzo October 19, 2020
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Susan Nicole Lugo is a goddess of love, passion, truth and beauty. She is intelligent, classy, independent, funny, caring and the most beautiful woman you will ever know. Her brown skin and dark hair can hypnotize any man that she meets. Those who know her are truly blessed.

If you earn her love, hold on to it, appreciate it, and respect it because the pain of losing her cuts like a knife. No woman can replace her love.
"Is Susan Nicole Lugo your girlfriend?"

"Don't be ridiculous! She is more than a girlfriend to me! I want to marry her some day!"
by Namni1978 June 25, 2014
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A school in Chino, California pertaining of: 20% drugged up kids, 42% sluts (mostly sophwhores and most aren't even good looking either), 10% athletes, 3% academic intelligence, and 25% fun (usually outside of school).
Don Lugo High School is pretty epic... nvm it's just the CLASS OF 2013!
by IlyAdrianZ<3 May 20, 2011
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