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also Gisang
noun, countable
a Korean woman who earns money by having sex with people
A Korean comfort woman trafficker lied to me that he ran his own business when he urged me to come to Japan.
by Adamo-chan July 17, 2005
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1. female variant of a Japanese-owned sex slave.

2. a female Weeaboo or a slut that's into Japanese animated porn.
1. "Grandma, what's a Comfort woman," questioned the little girl. "No dear, that's a bad word used by evil men," responded the old ex-Comfort Woman who was forced into sexual slavery during WWII.

2. God that bitch, put name here, keeps posting those inappropriate and disgusting drawings of hers. She's such a Comfort Woman to those disgusting perverts.
by Utosaver October 17, 2017
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