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n. karron. Metaphysically, the purest essence of suffering. It occurs when one's loves have been destroyed. Here, "loves," represents not only concrete love objects but also abstract love relationships. Anything that one loves is a "love" but those that reciprocate love can induce the most karron upon their loss. They are the gold standard of both joy and...suffering.
tr. v. karron, karroned, karroning
Example 1: "He ran the light and karroned my '72 Corvette! No way the judge can fix that."

Example 2: "It's hateful to karron someone's dog, especially as torina. Their church is fake af and they don't know God."

Example 3: "At the heart of all terrorism is the concept of karron. Karma is harsh on this count. Do they not know that through their own loves they shall also feel karron in this world they help create?"

Example 4: "Peace can be found by cooling the hatred. Know karron, no peace, no karron, know peace."

Example 5: "Even their trolling is lame. One trick ponies. They just spend the night karroning the religious OP's into a frenzy."
by AWrinkleInTime January 09, 2018

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v. Get rid of evidence of a crime.
"It's time to clean up my shit before that asshole rats me out."
by AWrinkleInTime May 29, 2016

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v. transitive or intransitive: To fraternize with other felons. A parole violation. Presumably from, "birds of a feather flock together".
intr. Janelle gone, she flocked herself back into prison.

tr. Keep Gavin away from me, I don't want to flock.
by AWrinkleInTime May 29, 2016

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1. A spiritual ghost. The entity is typically a human, and remains alive physically. Yet the relationship has died and they have removed you from their soul. (They may still remain in your soul, however.) Contrasted with the accurate use of terms such as "ghost," and "specter," the difference is that it is the relationship that has died.

synonyms: specter, phantom, wraith, spirit, presence, ghost.

1. "I'm afraid of her subic cuz it hurts my soul when she appears."

2. "It horrifies me to see a subic, because it is so hard to exorcise them--either you must force them to uproot and leave, or you must."

3. Subics are the only ghosts that have ever hurt me--at least when other loved ones die, I still feel their love and am comforted."
by AWrinkleInTime December 24, 2016

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n. 1) A gatekeeper who is driven by political agenda and a delusion of self-importance, rather than providing any useful function. 2) A gatekeeper who rather than being useful, attempts to prove their self-worth or reason for existence by not doing their job but rather obstruction the proper fulfillment of duties. 3) A bureaucrat who embodies the seven deadly sins of soft corruption: G-COPCAP. See: G-COPCAP.


n. The seven deadly sins of soft corruption: Gamesmanship + Conflicts of interest + Obstructionism + Partiality to wealth and influence + Cronyism + Abuse of authority + fearfulness to prosecute politically-Powerful perpetrators
The man tried to get the word, "torina," added to the Urban Dictionary but the Twat-Twizzling Neo-ButtMonkeys simply ignored his entry, and did not deign to communicate any reasons for their decree.
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by AWrinkleInTime January 03, 2016

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torina: v. To get angry at the person you have wronged, and attempt to launder the wrong further by bearing false witness about the person to others, and so enlisting their wrath. In this way, the target is struck first by your wrong and secondly by an ever-growing social circle of enmity and boycott. It is a type of living curse, planted as a cover-up of one's own wrong, whose seed is a lie. See: Ten Commandments.

n. An act or instance of torina.
She knew what she needed to do: torina would transmute her betrayal into justice.
by AWrinkleInTime December 26, 2015

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n. vampyre. There are three types of nahualistic vampyres: energy, resource, and soul. These vampyres do not drink blood except in a metaphoric yet real way.
Example 1: The world is filled with soul vampyres, son - if you want to keep a job you better become one too or they will drutch you dry.

Example 2: My wife only wanted me for my net worth and a baby. She got them. She's gone...vampyre.

Example 3: Whenever I'm around him, I feel so drained, like he's a vampyre.
by AWrinkleInTime August 23, 2017

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