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Big tall ass nigga who rapes girls and loves video games been to jail 20 times in his life.
He is a rapist that's so karron.
by Yo23 September 21, 2017
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n. karron. Metaphysically, the purest essence of suffering. It occurs when one's loves have been destroyed. Here, "loves," represents not only concrete love objects but also abstract love relationships. Anything that one loves is a "love" but those that reciprocate love can induce the most karron upon their loss. They are the gold standard of both joy and...suffering.
tr. v. karron, karroned, karroning
Example 1: "He ran the light and karroned my '72 Corvette! No way the judge can fix that."

Example 2: "It's hateful to karron someone's dog, especially as torina. Their church is fake af and they don't know God."

Example 3: "At the heart of all terrorism is the concept of karron. Karma is harsh on this count. Do they not know that through their own loves they shall also feel karron in this world they help create?"

Example 4: "Peace can be found by cooling the hatred. Know karron, no peace, no karron, know peace."

Example 5: "Even their trolling is lame. One trick ponies. They just spend the night karroning the religious OP's into a frenzy."
by AWrinkleInTime January 09, 2018
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