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n. vampyre. There are three types of nahualistic vampyres: energy, resource, and soul. These vampyres do not drink blood except in a metaphoric yet real way.
Example 1: The world is filled with soul vampyres, son - if you want to keep a job you better become one too or they will drutch you dry.

Example 2: My wife only wanted me for my net worth and a baby. She got them. She's gone...vampyre.

Example 3: Whenever I'm around him, I feel so drained, like he's a vampyre.
by AWrinkleInTime August 23, 2017

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n. drutch. A common form of bullying, done to prevent yourself from being bullied by others. A common, yet toxic, social system. Practiced by social carnivores or soul vampyres.
Example 1: "It's a new job, so I need to find and victimize the drutch-omega on the first day."

Example 2: "But what happens if I refuse to drutch others and don't want to be drutched?"
by AWrinkleInTime August 23, 2017

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