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Driving Under the Influence. This is a couple BAC points down from DWI (Driving While Intoxicated). While you probably shouldn't do this,what many people don't remember is the old saying, "Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, and you're clear to steer."
Bob: I hear you got busted by the cops again last night.
Al: Yeah, it wasn't that bad, though.
Bob: What, DUI? THAT'S BAD, Al!!
by Al December 02, 2003

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1. The idea of an embodiment of human decency, intellect, and life-force. A certain intangible that makes people "human".

2. Something most people who post on this site would apparently sell for a large fries and a Big-Gulp drink at McDonald's.
1. Even though the existence of a soul can't be proven, many people feel "connected to" others, or that humans are superior to animals in an undefinable way.

2. Milhouse gave Bart $5 for his soul on the Simpsons -- at the time this was supposed to be farcical, but like most of satire, this incedent has become a direct parallel of reality.
by Al October 12, 2003

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1. Set to the musical composition of.

2. Used to mean "approximately", or "in the general range of", but usually only when talking about large sums of money.
1. When I heard Weird Al Yankovich's lyrics to the tune of "Beat It", I decided that maybe MTV really was a worthless tool of Satan.

2. Right: So then I had to pay something to the tune of $5,000 for a new one.

Wrong: So then I had to pay something to the tune of $0.05 for a new one.

Notice that the order of magnitude of the cash amount affects the usage of the phrase.
by Al December 02, 2003

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1. A blatant truism, based on the fact that nobody is exactly identical to anyone else.

2. A PC saying designed to push a liberal social agenda which normalizes and accepts non-normative behaviors as part of a whole, functional, society.
1. Sally and Ralph are not the same person. This is because people are unique, ie, everybone is different.

2. Bill is a high-functioning alcoholic homosexual with neo-Nazi political views and a penchant for exposing himself in public. Ah well, everyone is different.
by Al November 14, 2003

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v., to beat someone at (a race, game, etc.) so badly that you teach them a 'lesson' in how to be better at whatever it is they lost at
yo, i'm gonna totally school you at vice city
by al December 11, 2004

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n., a term referring to a lunch-break used to have sex as opposed to eat lunch; origin: "sex" and "lunch"
"we're going to go for some slunch."
by al November 10, 2004

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