Someone who is unfamiliar with, or is new at a concept. Someone who is alien to a particular way of life.
The old mountain man is often bothered by the greenhorns that live close to him.
by Super Gerbil July 17, 2004
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The greenhorn fisherman ended up drowning in the ocean due to being pulled overboard by rope that was attatched to the cage.
by Light Joker May 29, 2005
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a word that retarted non-portuguese people normally call portuguese people because they dont know the true meaning of it.

true meaning-pretty much the same thing as an immigrant.
non-portugee : your such a greenhorn man
portugee : *punches non-portugee person in face*
chances are, the non-portuguee person who gets punched in the face is polish :D
by michelle tex July 11, 2006
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Someone who is new at something.
Damn. Hoochie was all up on his tip, but greenhorn couldn't tap that ass.
by Xerobull November 29, 2002
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A derogatory name that is used to insult a person of Portuguese ethnicity.
Larry: "jeez i hate thoes Greenhorns"

Gary: "what are Greenhorns Larry?"

Larry: "its a mean word to call a portuguese person"
by thasc18 August 20, 2010
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1. To be taught the way by someone who doesn't really know what they're talking about.
2. To teach old dogs new tricks.
John: "hey man, how did prom night go?"
Steve: "dude, i've never been greenhorned so much in my entire life..."
by jerrycurls April 3, 2009
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A person unfamiliar with their surroundings and generally ignorant of many things; generally a portugee, but could be any person that does/says dumb things w/out thinking.
Waiter: Okay's your ticket (bill)

Greenhorn: I hope it's not a speeding ticket!

Waiter: You are such a greenhorn
by Eziquio October 29, 2007
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