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Illusions created by the corporate elite to suppress knowledge to the general public. The knowledge typically suppressed is the true effects of climate change, political corruption, the Vatican Archives, rigged elections, along with many other topics.
Tyrone "I can't wait to hear about the latest "unarmed black teen" shot by a white male officer today by the hate-mongering news."
by A Human Male January 11, 2021

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A state of being only accessible by intelligent high school seniors. When in this state the user gives almost no fucks about anything besides graduation and will gleefully take detentions or being written up since they know they just have ONE more year of prison (High School)
Teacher "One more lip out of you and I'm sending you to the deans."

Doug "Aww you think that scares me? I'm in damn Senior Mode punk."

Teacher "Oh uh, don't mind me then."
by A Human Male November 02, 2020

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