42 definition by A WHITE GUY

An old crappy run down trailer park where you will most likely find the crystal meth very easily.
(BOOM!!!) Hey bob, did you hear that?
Yeah, there must have been another meth lab explosion in the metal ghetto.
by A WHITE GUY July 13, 2013

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An individual (typically sheltered white suburban kids from upper middle class families) who feels that they need to follow all the latest trends and fads religiously, and pretend to be someone they're not in order to be accepted by others, making themselves look like complete idiots. Similar to sheeple.
Tool: "I was camping outside the apple store the night before the latest Iphone release, and my man-bun fell out, so I had to put on my fedora #badhairday"
by A WHITE GUY June 13, 2017

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Chubbscouts are the fat kids at a fatcamp.
My parents are sending me to fat camp this summer. It looks like I'm going to be a chubbscout.
by A WHITE GUY March 05, 2014

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A floppy penis.
It is also a shitty game that sucks ass and people commited suicide over it. The guy that came up with the game "flappy bird" was probably obsessed with big floppy penises.
Last night, I slapped your mom across the face with my flappy bird and she loved it.

This game flappy bird is pissing me off. i'm going to kill my self.
by A WHITE GUY March 09, 2014

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-a car that is mostly composed of rust, dents, doors and body panels that aren't even the same color as the car itself, plenty of bondo and spray can paint repairs, runs like shit, and has obnoxiously loud exhaust.

-scion xb, nissan cube, honda element, kia soul, or any other ugly ass faggy box shaped cars that are out there.

-any hybrid car or smart car.

-hummer h2.

-public transportation.
"why is bob putting all of his money in to that piece of shit civic of his. he only paid $300 for it and he just bought a sound system with 20in subs."

"yeah, and he also bought a $400 flowmaster exhaust system and didn't even bother to give it a tune up."
"he put over 50 lbs of bondo and spraypaint on the body and still doesn't bother to paint the front fenders or passenger door the same color."
"and he tries to race everybody with it and he got his doors blown off by an old guy on his rascal."
"god damn loser cruiser."
by A WHITE GUY September 25, 2013

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Step 1) Fill enema bag with vodka or gin.
Step 2) Fill your sexual partner's anus with liquor enema, then sodomize him/her on an unbalanced wahsing machine.
Step 3) Hold martini glasses under partner's anus until they're completely filled with the shitty alcoholic liquid
Step 4) Stab some turd nuggets with some toothpicks, voila.
A shartini would most likely be served at a scat party.
by A WHITE GUY July 08, 2017

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a moron who listens to punk rock and has a stupid red mohawk with the sides of his head shaved.
I'm bored, you wanna go beat up some rooster heads with me later on?
by A WHITE GUY October 20, 2013

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